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The Pledge

Almost 1,000 people across the United States have signed the Lola's Song Pledge.  Developed to help remind healthcare professionals to be mindful and conscious of their actions and choices in their every day work, we hope you will consider signing the pledge, too, and lending your support to Lola's Song.

"I will communicate with and listen to my families,

my patients and my team.

I will commit to trusting my intuition and will

escalate a case, no matter the repercussion.

I will take time at the bedside getting to

know my patients better.


I will practice with a kind and gentle heart,

serving my patients with dignity and respect."

"Truly, an inspirational movement!" - S.N.

"Thank you SO much for sharing your story. This presentation greatly increased my confidence in my ability to speak up and go with my gut in the clinical setting (& in everyday life!) no matter what. " - R.T.

Thank you for sharing so we can be better providers, and more importantly protect the safety and dignity of our future patients."- M.B.

"Great presentation that brings the humanity back into a dehumanized medical culture. A potent reminder that patients aren’t just a number but a human life that is loved by many. Inspired me to strive harder for perfection in everything I do once I put scrubs on and step foot into my operating suite. Thank you two for bringing your story to us." - J.E.


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