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Lola's Song Project

“Lola’s Song Project” was created after Cathy & Alan saw the immediate impact Lola’s story was having on its audiences. They began telling her story as a way to honor their daughter, in hopes of raising awareness to the hundreds of thousands of medical errors occurring each year in hospitals. However, they soon realized Lola’s story was much more than that. 

Cathy is a trained vocalist whose desire is to use the power of music to strengthen the skills necessary for health care providers when treating patients. Through the program, participants develop skills in Communication, Decision-Making, Leadership, Listening, Self-Awareness, Problem-Solving, Compassion and Empathy, which are vital for an exceptional performer and can parallel in the field of medicine. She presented her idea to faculty at the University of Virginia who believed in Cathy’s vision and agreed to pilot the very first “Lola’s Song Project”. 

“Lola’s Song Project” is focused on teaching Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication through music. Participants learn about Lola’s Story, identify and process mistakes, and create music reflecting their renewed intent of practice. Lola’s Song Project hopes to inspire medical professionals to provide the best care for every patient every day. 

**The Logo was created one evening as Cathy caught fireflies with her sons and saw how one tiny light could break the darkness, much like Lola’s story was doing in healthcare. The theatre mask exemplifies the artistic flare “Lola’s Song Project” brings combining the worlds of medicine and music.



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